Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review – This is Game-Changing.

Full review of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, and comparison vs Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – including camera, battery, screen, specs, price and more. We filmed for 3 full days in 35°C direct sun for this vid, so if you enjoyed do Subscribe! 😂

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23 thoughts on “Xiaomi 12S Ultra Review – This is Game-Changing.”

  1. In your world everything is killing Samsung yet the company seems stronger by the day and with a gigantic share of the phone sales worldwide, what gives? Just clicks?

  2. Just a friendly tip for your reviewing. Stick to practical stuff. For example when mirroring screen to Tv on a phone and streaming a movie is it possible to keep watching stream on tv while phone jumps away from stream. For example 2. Use a jewellers loupe on back of camera to see how microscope function works with camera. I'm sure you know the rest. Keep safe all.

  3. My last samsung phone is samsung 6S edge and prior to that is S3. I stop buying samsung phone because their pricing increase every year with very minimal feature… They try to compete with Apple in terms of ridiculous pricing

  4. Problem with this brand and most other brands is software support…. only 2-3 years where Samsung is at 4 years of major upgrades and 5 years of security support. For a device this expensive its a must. Phones can easily last 5+ years now. So for me performance an better camera are not enough to move me to a brand with bad software support.

  5. Regarding the brand xiaomi: got the 11T a few months ago. It comes no way near my samsung S10e. Video recordings are laggy when in dark environments, The sound is just horrible when i'm recording for example someone drumming… It is just shit. None of my previous apple phones or samsung phones were this bad. For me xiaomi comes nowhere near samsung in terms of phones.

  6. To be honest your videos are good but I don’t like your tumbnail because you always say in your thumbnail that xiaomi kills samsung while knowing that xiaomi can’t samsung is always on upper level but you still gives hate to samsung by these thumbnails


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