Top 10 Rudest Countries In The World

Around 30 million people visit Greece every single year. The government and shop owners love that. The locals, aren't always on board with it. They have a reputation of being rude.

the Greeks


This is where a lot of the European crusaders passed through to go to the Middle East, and cause all kinds of problems. And Constantinople served as an Imperial capital for almost 16 centuries.

the Turkish


Italy has a small country inside of Italy. It is San Marino, and it is east of Florence and south of Venice. Italy sees over 90 million tourists every single year, 'least in the last 10 years.



they're the people that don't like a lot of tourists, the older people sort of like it, or at least they like the money that's being brought in from the tourists.

the Spanish


If you get in the cities and stuff, they're kind of rude and abrupt to foreigners, but the locals in the rural areas, they're almost happy to have you.

the Chinese


I mean, if you end up in the wrong place, like New Jersey, you'll probably think differently of us, but for the most part in most of the country, people are pretty decent in the tourist areas.



Russia's another country that has people that I think sort of get a bad rap, because it's their culture and the way they do things, it doesn't jive with a lot of, especially Western countries and their citizens.



Yeah, Germans are rude and everybody knows it. They can't help it. They got a little that Russian thing going too where there's no sugarcoating anything.



the UK says British are the absolute rudest people in other countries. It's like these people know how they are and they just own it.

the British


they do things about how rude the French are in movies. There was a movie with Dudley Moore years ago where he played ad executive, who had like breakdown, and started telling the truth, and he created an ad that everyone loved.

the French


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