The 10 Best HBO Max Original Shows, According To Reddit

The first season scored a moderately positive reception, with the second coming more into its own with its unique take on a sci-fi dystopia. Its premise focuses on androids being tasked with raising human children on an Earth that is decimated by war.

Raised By Wolves


The show has been consistently well-received in its current three seasons for being wonderfully bizarre and telling intimate, heartfelt, and character-driven stories about a band of misfits.

Doom Patrol


the show garnering a positive reception in its debut. Its first season earned high marks for its clever and creative blend of dark humor with all of the drama of an enticing murder-mystery plot.

The Flight Attendant


The John Cena-led Peacemaker received critical acclaim for balancing raunchy humor with sincere character drama, which was bolstered by the passionate performances of the cast across the board.



The story centers around a stand-up comedian desperate to maintain her relevance by teaming up with a writer who's been fired from her job over a controversial Tweet.



Warrior is an exciting mix of martial arts and crime drama, all with an original story based on an early concept by Bruce Lee.



Harley Quinn has transitioned into an antihero across most of the mediums she features in. DC's comics even have the once-sidekick to the Joker as a member of the Batfamily now.

Harley Quinn


the miniseries Station Eleven -- based on Emily St. John Mandel's novel of the same name -- tells a gripping dystopian story with an inventive premise.

Station Eleven


The Other Two is a more straightforward comedy and one that was also acquired from another network, as the series initially aired for Comedy Central before being moved onto the streaming service.

The Other Two


The White Lotus takes the anthology approach to the satirical-comedy genre, as the greenlit second season will revolve around a new cast of characters.

The White Lotus


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