9 Best Thor Movies & TV Shows According To IMDb

The animated film, Thor: Tales of Asgard, currently stands at last place, but still with a relatively respectable rating

Thor: Tales of Asgard


One of the most exciting endeavors Marvel Comics has undertaken on the animation front is their use of motion comics

Thor & Loki: Blood Brother


Thor: Love and Thunder is currently the lowest rated MCU Thor film, which could come as a surprise to many fans

Thor: Love and Thunder


Thor: The Dark World is still a very redeemable and enthralling film, though like its predecessor

Thor: The Dark World


Hulk vs. Thor, as its name implies, pits the two powerhouses against each other thanks to Loki's mischievous machinations

Hulk vs. Thor


Thor is definitely high on the list, as it didn't regurgitate the same formula or pattern and really expanded the kinds of stories the MCU could tell



Team Thor: Part 2 was released as an extra on the Doctor Strange Blu-ray and featured Thor and Darryl butting heads over cleaning their apartment

Team Thor: Part 2


while these are just simple and funny, they do mess with the timeline somewhat. Thor taking a break from superheroing in Australia and settling down with a random roommate

Team Thor: Part 1


The film is definitely in the top-tier for the MCU overall and was responsible for making many fans really fall in love

Thor: Ragnarok


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