Watch how the Lamborghini Revuelto is made

Lamborghini in March revealed the Revuelto, the automaker’s latest V-12 supercar and its first with plug-in hybrid technology.

The Revuelto isn’t a simple update of its predecessor, the Aventador, but a ground-up redesign that in addition to electrification includes a new carbon-fiber tub, a new 8-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission, and a new V-12. The engine, still with a 6.5-liter displacement, is only the third new V-12 in Lamborghini’s 60-year history.

Lamborghini’s plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy, also needed to be upgraded to accommodate production of the Revuelto. This included adding an additional 1.8 million square feet to the location, for example to house new facilities for production of electric motors and batteries, as well as additional test areas. In one test, each electric motor undergoes a load test that simulates a high-speed run at Italy’s Nardo test track.

More automation has also been introduced to the production process, including autonomous sleds that move vehicles between assembly stations.

An overview of the production process is featured in a video released by Lamborghini on Thursday.

“To produce the Revuelto, we understood that we had to go above and beyond,” Ranieri Niccoli, Lamborghini’s chief manufacturing officer, said in a statement. “We raised the bar to produce it, creating what we call Manifattura Lamborghini Next Level, a production system with people always at its core but which we have adapted to a much more complex product and to processes we haven’t used before.”

The Revuelto generates a peak 1,000 hp from its V-12 and trio of electric motors (two at the front axle and one integrated with the rear-mounted transmission), which Lamborghini says will see the car accelerate to 62 mph in only 2.5 seconds and eventually top out at 218 mph.

Pricing starts close to 500,000 euros (approximately $540,000) and deliveries will begin in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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