Volkswagen Tiguan EV, baby crossover and flagship due in SUV push

£22k ID2 spawns entry-level electric SUV 

Following the arrival of the electric Tiguan, Volkswagen plans to introduce a new entry-level SUV as an electric alternative to the existing Volkswagen T-Cross. 

Closely related to an upcoming new entry-level Skoda SUV and the production version of Cupra’s Urban Rebel, the most affordable of Volkswagen’s future ID SUV models is tentatively scheduled for launch in 2026, possibly wearing the ID 2X name. 

As with the ID 2 hatchback revealed by Volkswagen last month, the compact SUV is set to be offered exclusively with a single-motor, front-wheel-drive configuration. Autocar’s sources say it is also scheduled to adopt Volkswagen’s unified cell battery technology with LFP chemistry. 

Riding higher and expected to cost slightly more than the ID 2 supermini, which is targeting a £22,000 base price, the ID 2X is expected to be built alongside its sibling and their Cupra and Skoda equivalents on the new production line that the Volkswagen Group is building near Barcelona for its smallest EVs. 

Batteries will be supplied by an associated factory based nearby, in Sagunto, and operated by the company’s new PowerCo division. 

Volkswagen has already confirmed that the smaller MEB architecture can accommodate batteries of either 38kWh or 56kWh capacity and, so equipped, any ID 2 SUV could reasonably be expected to offer between 180 and 260 miles of range, based on the supermini’s claimed maximum of 280 miles. The peak charging speed will be 125kW, which will enable a 10-80% top-up time of 20 minutes.

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