Top 10 best hardcore sports cars 2023

And if the aero isn’t overwhelming enough, the new GT3 RS also has the ‘ultra-wide’ body from the Turbo, as well as multi-adjustable adaptive dampers, active locking differential and traction and stability control systems.

We’ve yet to experience it on a dry track, but even in the wet, it felt like a more serious and much more purposeful track tool than any of its predecessors, but it’s cleverer and more adaptable, too.

The 600 LT is based on the fantastic McLaren 570S, and is the third ‘Longtail’ model launched by McLaren. Power has been hiked by 30bhp to 592bhp courtesy of a freer-breathing exhaust, the springs are significantly stiffer, its dampers have been retuned, and aggressive new body work now sees it generate even more downforce at speed. As with any track-honed special, it’s been stripped out too. In its lightest spec (no air-con, no nose lift, no stereo etc) it weighs 1247kg dry (less than even the McLaren 620R).

The resulting package really is something special indeed; one that steers with the tactile sweetness and accuracy that McLaren has become renowned for, while also now being faster, grippier and more aurally rewarding than ever before. In 2018, we crowned it Britain’s best driver’s car. Top work, McLaren – we can’t wait to see whatever trackday hero you’re going to spin off the V6-hybrid Artura.

Here are the headline stats: 710bhp, 568 lb ft, 1359kg, zero to 62mph in 2.85sec and a price tag of £252,765 – before options. In short, the 488 Pista is a truly serious piece of kit. And an effective one, to boot.

At our Britain’s Best Driver’s Car 2018 shoot out, the successor to the phenomenal Ferrari 458 Speciale was the fastest car to lap the Anglesey Coastal Circuit, with a time of 1min 11.4sec – 1.7sec quicker than the McLaren 600 LT.

This is a car that’s seemingly defined by immediacy. Turn the wheel and the front end responds with the agility of a pursued hare. Pull one of the steering column-mounted columns and the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic ‘box will swap cogs faster than you can blink. And if you’re brave enough to extend all of the throttle’s travel, you’ll find yourself catching up on the horizon at an alarming rate of pace. Given the Pista’s immense potency, it’d be easy to write it off as being a handful on track, but the reality is that it’s one of the most balanced, adjustable and flattering cars you can buy.

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