Top 10 best electric cars for towing

It’s no hard to see why the i7 can handle such a hefty load, its twin motor four-wheel drive layout delivering 536bhp in ‘entry-level’ xDrive60 guise and a thumping 651bhp in the flagship M70. What’s more, the sizable 105kWh battery claims up to 385 miles between charges, which means even when towing the BMW should help eliminate range anxiety. When not hooked-up to a trailer, the i7 is a fast and surprisingly fleet-footed machine, combining hushed refinement and soothing comfort with enough agility to keep the driver interested. 

That said, these qualities don’t come cheap, with prices starting at just over £110,000 and rising to just under £140,000 – and that’s before you even think about raiding the extensive list of optional extras.

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2. Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X can cope with pulling up 2268kg, rivalling many large, diesel-engined SUVs (although it’s still some way short of the Land Rover Discovery’s 3500kg limit). This impressive figure means that it’s easily possible to hitch up a large twin-axle caravan, even if doing so will likely significantly eat into the Long Range variant’s claimed 360-mile range. 

That said, with north of 800lb ft of instant torque, this SUV’s performance is unlikely to be greatly affected by hauling a heavy load. Plus, like the Mercedes-Benz EQC and Audi E-tron, the Model X has air springs as standard, making it easier to hitch a trailer or caravan by raising or lowering the ride height as required and keep an even keel while on the move. 

A large boot and seven-seat capability further boost its practical tow car credentials. Its gullwing rear doors will cause a stir at the campsite, although the patchy build quality and inert driving dynamics mean it’s not without its compromises.

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