The electric cars with the best real-world range

7. Mercedes-Benz EQC, 208 miles

Experiments with electric Smart cars and a battery powered AMG SLS sports car aside, the EQC is Mercedes’ first production EV. It’s a premium SUV with familiar yet different styling, so it doesn’t stand out too dramatically from the rest of the Mercedes line-up, and delivers the kind of interior we’ve come to expect from the marque.

An 80kWh battery pack has to power two motors, one for each to produce a combined 402bhp and 561lb ft of torque, giving it more accelerative thrust than either of its two mainstream rivals, the Jaguar I-Pace and Audi e-tron. While it has more power than the Jaguar, it depletes its battery faster for everyday driving you can expect to see a typical real world range of more than 200 miles, which narrowly beats the similarly-priced Audi.

1 Mercedes eqc 400 2019 uk fd hero front

8. Audi E-tron, 196 miles

Audi had experimented with electric versions of its existing models before, but the e-tron is the first of a new generation, and potentially one of the brand’s most important cars for years. A recent facelift and name change to Q8 e-tron has now brought the car into line with German firm’s other EVs, but essentially it’s unchanged under the skin.

It’s a luxury SUV first and an EV second, but with styling that doesn’t set it far apart from its combustion-engined stablemates. It is heavy, however, and even though it has a large 95kWh battery pack, drivers can expect a real-world range of around 196 miles. On the plus side, support for 150kW charging  means you won’t spend too long waiting to resume your journey when the cells do run low.

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