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Nigeria’s 2022 Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist Nwokocha Suspended For Doping
The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) has handed Nigeria’s gold medal winner at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games Grace Nwokocha a provisional suspension for doping.
In a statement released on AIU’s official website on Saturday night, Nwokocha’s name was included on the list of athletes placed on provisional suspension for various doping offenses.
And according to the athletics body, Ostarine and lingadrol were found in Nwokocha’s sample A urine collected on August 3, 2022, at the Commonwealth Games.
The AIU said Nwokocha will be placed on provisional suspension pending the conclusion of investigations.
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Nwokocha was part of Nigeria’s quartet that won gold in the women’s 4x100m relay team at this year’s Commonwealth Games.
Other members of the quarter are Tobi Amusan, Favour Ofili, and Rosemary Chukwuma.
According to World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) rules, when athletes are handed a provisional suspension, they are temporarily banned from competition before a final decision is taken at a hearing conducted.

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Damn shame……Maybe she ingested it unknowingly cuz you have to be crazy to dope with all the technology in this era that can screen urine thoroughly. Funny thing is that after this race some racist guy on YouTube made a comment saying I won’t be surprised if the Nigerians doped…….I got into a back and forth argument with him only for this to happen.
Hmmmm. Well you can’t fault the racist guy for commenting. What baffles me is that is she knows clearly well the rules of the game. You don’t take or inject something into your body without making sure a banned substance is not involved. They get a list of banned substance every year. So are we going to say she was ignorant
Maybe she ingested it unknowingly? @footballfanatic you surely fall my hand o………..please let’s stop making excuses for these spoet stars, Okagbare’s still very much fresh in our minds. These athletes knew quite well what they are getting themselves into but only hope that they will not be caught. There’s not sympathy for a cheat my bro
I have no sympathy for cheats too bro but I was just utterly disappointed that she rubbished the efforts of the other 3 girls in the relay team and the shame AS THERE WAS SO MUCH fanfare associated with this particular race.
Dr Banks, I disagree with you, she has been caught, correct? Did she intensionally want to cheat, it’s 95% no, Was she careless on not to thoroughly scrutinize EVERYTHING that goes into her body? It’s 95% yes, most of this athletes are punishment because of negligence, No same athlete would intensionally take drugs because there is a mandatory test for everyone before any competition. Those that were tested positive were merely careless. Ordinary beef you take could make you test positive if that animal had ingested any food containing any of those banned substances before it was killed. Pls don’t malign the integrity of any athlete that fails dope test, 95% of the were due to pure negligence.
There is nothing like injecting anything by mistake. The athletics rule clearly specifies if you not sure of what you taking, consult with the world body. Ignorance is not an excuse. Say way Onana of cameroon took his wifes medication by accident.
What a big shame. Nigeria should always do their internal screening before any big event to avoid these National embarrassments.
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