Insurance rates rising by as much as 12% as traffic return to pre-pandemic levels – CTV News Toronto

During the pandemic many insurance companies cut premiums or offered rebates, but now that traffic is returning to pre-pandemic levels, some insurance companies are raising their rates.
“We have seen a few companies do these increases and I’m sure there will be more to follow," said Tanisha Kishan, insurance expert with Ratesdotca.
According to the website, which allows consumers to shop around for insurance coverage, some companies have increased their rates between one and 12 per cent, approved by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA).
Ratesdotca found that Pafco Insurance company increased its rates by 5 per cent, while Zenith Insurance Company increased its rates by 10.37 per cent.
Other companies kept rate increases to one to two per cent, but Kishan said drivers should expect to see some kind of increase moving forward.
“I would say it wouldn’t be uncommon for consumers to get their renewal and see they are going to get some kind of mid-single digit increase," said Kishan.
During the pandemic some insurance companies cut their premiums or offered rebates because they were saving so much money, but now accidents are happening at a similar level to before the pandemic.
Kishan said that with inflation vehicles are more expensive to fix, parts are hard to find and there is a waiting list if you need to replace an accident vehicle.
At a collision reporting centre in Scarborough today a tow truck driver who goes by the name Shuggie said that he has noticed a lot more traffic and accidents on the roads recently.
“Ever since the city opened up again, it’s been really crazy. There has been a lot more traffic and more accidents too. Everybody seems to be in a rush,” said Shuggie.
Wynton Gregoire said he was at the collision reporting centre because his car had just been written off in an accident.
“I had stopped at a red light, braked in time and everything was ok and then six seconds later someone ran into me at full speed and wrecked my car,” said Gregoire.
William Harten was also there because some had caused a fender bender on his new Mercedes sports car which was only one month old.
“I couldn’t believe it happened. It was a nightmare. I was polite with the driver, but inside I was dying," said Harten as he looked at his banged up car.
Not everyone will see a major increase on their next renewal, but if you find your insurance premiums have gone up substantially it may be time to look around and see if you can find a better deal somewhere else.  
Hurricane Fiona is on track to blast through Atlantic Canada and Quebec as a formidable post-tropical storm this weekend.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tapped Jennifer May to be Canada's new ambassador to China, filling a nearly year-long vacancy in the key diplomatic post, sources tell CTV News.

Climate change is leading to lakes becoming less blue, with many at risk of permanently turning green-brown, a new study has found.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to let a cabinet order enforcing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements at the Canadian border expire at the end of this month.

As Atlantic Canada braces for Hurricane Fiona to make landfall, takes at look at major hurricanes that have wreaked havoc in the country throughout history.

Police in British Columbia's Lower Mainland say an investigation into an international drug trafficking network has led to charges against three residents and an alleged associate in Japan, who is linked to the Yakuza crime syndicate.

The Boston Celtics have suspended coach Ime Udoka for the 2022-23 season. The Celtics said Thursday night that Udoka was suspended for 'violations of team policies.'

The death of the Queen and the fact that the Crown Jewels were so clearly on display has reignited conversations on Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and its legacy of colonialism.

New York's attorney general says her three-year investigation of former President Donald Trump uncovered potential crimes in the way he ran his real estate empire, including allegations of bank and insurance fraud.

Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) Leader Francois Legault faced a four-way attack on his environmental plan during the leaders debate Thursday, with his rivals suggesting he's going against the current on fighting climate change.

Quebec’s health ministry has dispatched infection control teams to Pierre Boucher Hospital in Longueuil to combat the first-ever outbreak of a potentially deadly fungus in Quebec.

Montreal police say officers arrested two suspects following the shooting of a 44-year-old man in the parking lot of a mall on the Island of Montreal.

A small section of rural Oxford in the western part of the county could become swallowed up by a new riding that would include much of east London.

An audible gasp could be heard from the courtroom gallery in Goderich Superior Court Thursday as the jury returned their verdict. Cam Doig — guilty on all counts.

After a two-year hiatus, the Harvest Lunch returned as an in-person event in St. Thomas Thursday to support the United Way of Elgin-Middlesex.

Lucas Shortreed’s family says in the 14 years since he was killed in a hit and run, they never gave up hope they would get answers.

The City of Waterloo says it is working with local partners ahead of homecoming weekend in an effort to end the “unsafe and unsanctioned street gatherings that have once again been occurring in the region’s University District.”

Waterloo regional police say they responded to reports of a shooting in the area of Weber Street and Kinzie Avenue just before 7 a.m. Thursday.

Some people who live near the Town of Foleyet are questioning why a diesel fuel spill from a transport collision wasn't contained before it began leaching into a nearby lake.

Three post-secondary schools in Sudbury have released a video to raise awareness about the importance of consent.

Two years of virtual and hybrid schooling is leading to more kids falling behind, says a Sault-based tutoring agency.

CTV News Ottawa sent reporters Tyler Fleming and Natalie van Rooy out on Thursday with identical 12-item shopping lists to see who can find the best deals.

Newly built townhomes in a Smiths Falls subdivision are nearly move-in ready; however, electricity is not connected to the properties. That delay, is preventing buyers from taking possession and moving in.

As Canadian Tire celebrates its 100th birthday this month, the company opened a 135,000 sq. ft. store in the location of the former Sears store at Carlingwood Shopping Centre on Carling Avenue.

She’s just getting started in third grade and now, eight-year-old River Price-Maenpaa is wading into the festival circuit – starring in “North of Normal”, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month.

The trial of a Windsor man charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death resumed Thursday in Windsor Superior Court, with some unexpected turns.

The Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority (LTVCA) has partnered with Red Barn Brewing Co. to create a unique natural setting, where visitors can reserve private fire pit areas while enjoying a local beverage of their choice.

Provincial police released the identity of a driver who lost his life after a collision with a dump truck on Wednesday in Tay Township.

The sound of screeching tires and the smell of burning rubber is expected to invade Wasaga Beach this weekend with the return of another unauthorized car rally.

A Canadian Armed Forces officer who urged other military members against helping to distribute COVID-19 vaccines has pleaded guilty to conduct to the prejudice of good order and discipline.

Environment Canada has issued tropical storm and hurricane watches across the Atlantic region in anticipation of Hurricane Fiona.

As hurricane Fiona barrels toward Atlantic Canada, emergency officials in the region are asking residents to heed their advice.

Nova Scotia is reporting 12 new COVID-19 deaths, according to numbers released by the province Thursday.

Alberta's UCP leadership hopefuls are reaching out to hundreds of the province's municipal officials as delegates meet in Calgary.

One down, two to go: Calgary police are asking the public for an assist in apprehending the remaining suspects in a recent pair of pharmacy robberies.

With the price of oil dropping, the Alberta government is reinstating its fuel tax in October. Starting Oct. 1, Albertans will be charged a partial tax of 4.5 cents per litre.

Brian Bowman has had his final city council meeting as Winnipeg's mayor before the upcoming municipal election which will choose his replacement.

Cindy Gilroy is calling for the city to mandate a minimum number of garbage bins on the properties of multi-family residences after a garbage pile-up in her ward.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has agreed to let a cabinet order enforcing mandatory COVID-19 vaccination requirements at the Canadian border expire at the end of this month.

The number of people with COVID-19 in B.C. hospitals is the lowest it's been since early July, according to the latest update from the B.C. Centre for Disease Control.

Police in British Columbia's Lower Mainland say an investigation into an international drug trafficking network has led to charges against three residents and an alleged associate in Japan, who is linked to the Yakuza crime syndicate.

A transit police officer was allegedly assaulted with bear spray while attempting to make an arrest near a SkyTrain station in Burnaby.

An Edmonton Police Service officer who shoved a woman to the ground before arresting her in an act caught on camera did his job properly, the acting chief told police commissioners Thursday afternoon.

One person was arrested on Wednesday under the Mental Health Act after a man pointed what originally appeared to be a gun at an ETS driver.

A police dog underwent surgery Wednesday night after a violent takedown of a man accused of pointing a gun at officers, RCMP announced Thursday.

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