How To Make Your Own Carbon Fiber (Fibre) Parts.

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Easy to follow guide on how you can make your own carbon fibre parts without specialist equipment. All Materials used are now available from the Easy Composites website
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46 thoughts on “How To Make Your Own Carbon Fiber (Fibre) Parts.”

  1. When overlying cf cloth and resin on a part do you need to mix both hardening and epoxy? Or do you do epoxy let it cure for 24 hrs then add hardening resin over it?
    Also do you need to sand and polish first layer of epoxy resin before adding another layer of epoxy/hardening resin?

  2. whenever I work with molds and resins I use Popsicle sticks to push the mat into the corners the sticks are super cheap and I throw those away after the project is complete FYI I mostly do Fiberglassing and Marine Epoxies using fiberglass cloths and I’ve found that by turning the popsicle sticks I can get into very tight spots and corners


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