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Don’t get it wrong, there’s nothing wrong with therapy, except that it costs an arm and a leg. And, considering that there are anxiety triggers everywhere, these tips come in quite handy. None of these methods may be able to treat or diagnose a serious mental health condition, but they can make living with disorders less burdensome. These tips would help you improve your mental health, until you can get therapy.
Staying cooped up will only let those negative emotions fester. According to research, the sun can actually make you release dopamine, the happiness hormone. Plus, the change in scenery is good for your mind.
You can enjoy the sun even if you’re stuck inside. Just let it in by opening the blinds and airing out your space. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
Some people say gyming helps them feel better about their bodies, trains their minds and gives them something rewarding to do with their time. However, you don’t have to start weightlifting if you don’t feel like it. You can choose yoga, fencing, kendo, skating, jujutsu, skipping, and dancing. The list is endless.
Many mental health disorders ruin your sleep pattern, that could be why you’re tired all day. Good sleep isn’t just about how long you’ve stayed asleep; the quality of the sleep counts. For example, a fitful sleep may leave you tired in the morning.
You can get better sleep results by avoiding caffeine three hours before bedtime, creating a soothing bedtime routine, and training your circadian rhythm by sleeping and waking at the same time every day.
A meditation session can help you become aware of the conflicting emotions within you. Taking some time out to meditate can sort out the noise and calm you down and help you become aware of your present mental state.
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