Please enable JavaScript to access this page. How to Hack & Watch Your Set-Top Box Anywhere In The World!

How to Hack & Watch Your Set-Top Box Anywhere In The World!

Have you ever wanted to stream live your set top box or home media server and are tired of messing around with illegal Kodi boxes, Roku, Android TV?

Well, here is the video for you.

All the links you need will be below!

All the products are below:
HDMI Splitter:
Elgato HD60:
Remote IR Blaster:

VLC Player:

Server IP Example: rtmp://

The Gear We Use:

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33 thoughts on “How to Hack & Watch Your Set-Top Box Anywhere In The World!

  1. The Neet splitter is no longer available at Amazon. Can you recommend another product? Al the Elgato capture card is now delivered in 4K60, but its output is HDMI whereas the drawing in the diagram in the video suggest that capture card should be connected to PC via USB. Any thoughts?

  2. Hello. Great video and thanks for taking the time to put that together. I'm looking to replace my trusty old Slingbox (which will die in November 2022) and have a question about identifying my public IP address. My problem is that my internet provider changes my public IP address on a regular basis, so completing a 'What's my IP address' before I leave home will not necessarily be successful once I get to my remote location. Any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome. Cheers and thanks.

  3. slingbox is finished ending service in November 2022 what pricks what about the people that have spent fair bit of money buying the slingbox turns into a brick in Nov 2022 won't work then

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  5. Very interesting! What is the minimum PC power you can get away with if you only need 1080p quality from this? I'm considering setting this up for when Slingbox kicks the bucket end of 2021. But I don't want to overspend on a dedicated computer that does just this.

  6. All the comments on this video that say there are much simpler solutions miss the whole point of why he's doing this. There are plenty of solutions to stream live tv to a mobile device outside your home, but they all severely limit what you can watch. And…they are guaranteed NOT to work when you leave your home country (at least that's true for U.S. satellite and cable tv providers; I'd be shocked if it wasn't true for other countries as well). And, at least with DirecTV, when I'm outside my home network I suddenly lose all my local channels on the DirecTV app. This solution, like a Slingbox, allows ZERO restrictions on watching LIVE television shows outside of your home, even internationally. For someone like myself who primarily watches live sports via satellite tv, I need a solution like this, especially since Slingbox just announced they are suspending service in November 2022.

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