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When it comes to travel insurance, Dubai has set some unique requirements for visitors. Our guide answers your questions
Confidence in international travel is growing and many tourists are flocking to the jewel in the United Arab Emirates’ crown – Dubai. More than seven million international travellers visited Dubai in the first half of this year, nearly three times more than in the same period last year. 
Before you join the queue at the airport, make sure you understand the post-Covid rules for travel to Dubai. 
Yes. It’s now mandatory for international visitors to have a travel insurance policy which includes Covid cover when entering Dubai. The cover must be valid for the entire duration of your stay. 
Dubai’s healthcare system is well regarded, however you may be refused treatment if you fall ill while in the country and you cannot produce a valid insurance policy. This includes treatment for Covid-19 infections, as well as pre-existing medical conditions and unexpected illnesses. 
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Make sure your Dubai travel insurance covers the three following essentials: 
Dubai offers a range of leisure activities for locals and visitors that you may want to experience, but before you do make sure the activity is covered by your policy. Some of the more adventurous options such as quad biking in the sand dunes or scuba diving may not be included in a standard policy. However, add-on cover is usually available. 
The cost of your policy will vary depending on a number of factors including your age, health and the activities you have planned. Cover for some adventure activities and extreme sports can also need additional premium.
Always be truthful in your application, even if you think it might increase the cost of cover. If you fail to disclose key information, your policy may be invalid if you need to make a claim. 
Dubai offers a high standard of medical care that is comparable to the UK. However unlike in the UK, you won’t have access to free treatment and your Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC) and European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) won’t be valid. 
All emergency and routine medical care will require a valid travel insurance policy.
As well as securing a comprehensive policy, you’ll need to check whether any prescription medication you take is permitted in Dubai. Some common prescription and over-the-counter medicines in the UK are prohibited and you may need special permission from the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Health to take them into the country. Check the Ministry of Health’s website for a list of prohibited drugs well in advance of your trip in case you need to apply for an exemption.  
Dubai is a safe, welcoming city for Western travellers, but there are a number of cultural differences to be aware of when visiting. If you don’t adhere to these, your policy may not cover you for any incidents that occur as a result.
Drinking alcohol is only allowed at a licensed hotel or bar. Only non-Muslims are permitted to drink alcohol, and all drinkers must be over the age of 21. This means it’s illegal to drink or be visibly intoxicated in public, or to offer a Muslim a drink in Dubai.
Always dress conservatively when out in public in Dubai. It’s best to cover your shoulders and upper arms, as well as your legs to the knee. This is especially important when visiting cultural or religious sites.  
Only straight married couples and close relatives can share accommodation in Dubai. Unmarried couples must book separate accommodation, as must same-sex couples regardless of their marital status at home. Being in a same-sex relationship is illegal in Dubai. Public displays of affection are not advised for any couples.  
It’s also a crime in Dubai to:
Respecting these cultural differences will help ensure your stay in Dubai is enjoyable and free from unexpected problems. 
Remember: your travel insurance policy is unlikely to cover you for events which are caused by illegal activity in your destination. 
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When it comes to travel insurance, Dubai has set some unique requirements for visitors. Our guide answers your questions
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