Please enable JavaScript to access this page. (Gameplay+Link) Plants Vs. Zombies MOTS Mod Public Release 1.0.0 [PC] | PvZ MOTS New Update Official

(Gameplay+Link) Plants Vs. Zombies MOTS Mod Public Release 1.0.0 [PC] | PvZ MOTS New Update Official

Plants vs. Zombies MOTS Edition [PC] | PvZ MOTS Mod New Update Official Version | @GameNHP

📁DOWNLOAD LINK: Plants Vs Zombies MOTS Edition 1.0.0
(Pinned download link in comments)


00:00 Intro

00:42 Zen Garden

02:23 Suburban Almanac

03:59 View Background (New Update Survival: DUSK)

04:42 [Mini-game] Strings Break Free [DR.ZOMBOSS’S Revenge]

10:41 [Puzzle] All your brainz r belong to us

13:42 [Puzzle] Ace of Vase

15:03 [Mini-game] Zombotany Reloaded 2

26:02 [Mini-game] Cloudy w. a few Zombies

34:23 [Mini-game] Last Stand

44:17 Survival: Dusk (Hard)

1:07:04 Adventure: Level 6-10 BOSS SAMP BIGGER

1:20:06 Adventure: Level 7-10 BOSS GARGSTRONG [Final Level]

1:27:44 END.

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34 thoughts on “(Gameplay+Link) Plants Vs. Zombies MOTS Mod Public Release 1.0.0 [PC] | PvZ MOTS New Update Official

  1. Brand new gameplay design, featuring creative BOSS and a high- quality annual revision that transforms the second generation of plants into one !

    A high quality GOTY mod that included brand new gameplay design, featuring creative bosses in game and portation of PvZ2's plants with PvZ1's style !

    As mentioned above, Plants vs Zombies MOTS version is a modified version based on the annual version, and most of the features are reflected in Some second-generation plants appear in the revised version in the form of a first-generation; each tenth level will also have different levels and different types of bosses waiting to be surrendered by you ! (No

    general introduction to it?

    Game name: Plants vs. Zombies MOTS version

    Supported language: English (foreign version)

    Features: Diversified Boss & a new generation of second-generation plants

    Modifier Author: AcaMoravac (code), Raducu (textures and animations), Keifer (music)

    Why should you try the MOTS version?

    It is one of the few annual revisions in the entire network. Although it still maintains the game as a tower defense mode, the well-designed content is no less than Generally, the original version is remade, and the difficulty is moderate (absolute conscience revision) , but it is still very worth a try!

    The so-called careful content is also included?

    Refresh game textures with most of the HD Pak textures

    Exquisite first-generation second-generation plants to match/similar to the first-generation painting style

    Features other memes and game elements (Morshu, Deltarune, Sonic, etc.) to enrich the game

    Textures and animations


    sound effect

    Several new zombies are on the scene (of course I can't reveal how many XD) , adding a little more challenge to the game

    Minor changes to the original plant characteristics & some zombies have elite form

    Contains the sixth level and the hidden seventh level

    Gold magnet has finally become omnipotent! ! !

    📁DOWNLOAD LINK: Plants vs. Zombies MOTS Edition 1.0.0

    Update All Mods Here:👇

    ► Plants vs Zombies (All Mods)

  2. I need help, I can't download this mod by mediafire, when I enter the download link it sends me to the main page of mediafire but I can't download the file, I've seen this mod for 5 seconds and I can't wait to download and try it, someone do you have the direct download link?

  3. I tried to download it, it worked, but when opening the mod it just crashes. already tried to extract every single file there was and it still crashes, could somebody help me?

    update:Messing with the files I was able to run the "activate 3D Accel and gen save data.exe" file, already activated 3D acceleration but can't find generate save data, does somebody know where is it?

  4. I can't play mod like mots on the GOTY edition(bought from steam) right? It just keep crashing, and I have to download the vanilla from the internet? Please answer as I really want to play the mod and I can't seem to after purchasing a pvz

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