Fisker Pear delayed to 2025 as start-up finalises battery supplier

Fisker said at the FT conference: “In two years, you will see people realising they don’t need that [big a] range, specifically if they have a second car. But it doesn’t work today. There’s a few cars out there that have a 100-150 mile range and aren’t selling.

“I do think [an attitude shift is] going to happen in two years. So with the Pear, we will offer a small battery for those.

“Let’s say you have a second car and you live in London: you don’t need more than maybe 100-150 miles of range. But at this point in time, to become competitive, we need a long range.”

The Pear will be built by Taiwanese technology manufacturing giant Foxconn at a former General Motors facility in the American state of Ohio, Fisker has said previously.

Deliveries were initially set to begin in 2024, but this has been pushed back to “some time in the first half of 2025”, owing to the process of finalising a battery supplier.

Fisker had originally committed to a significantly lower price for the Pear, saying in February that “it will come out at $29,900” – then the equivalent of £24,700.

His company aims for the Pear to be completely carbon-neutral by 2027, by which date it’s also targeting an annual volume of one million.

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