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What do they think Sherif did? How did Maura’s advances go down?
With another week of Love Island comes another week of gossip to discuss. From Mollie-Mae’s arrival to Sherif’s shock exit, via Michael and Amber’s first kiss and Maura and Elma‘s arrival. It’s a lot for us to process.
Thankfully we don’t really have to, because ex-Love Islander‘s Montana Brown and Marcel Somerville have done it for us instead, speaking to Cosmopolitan UK about all their opinions on the goings on in the villa this week.
Speaking on their suspicions about why Sherif might have been removed from the Love Island villa, Marcel speculated, “All of a sudden he was out of the villa and I was like, ‘What the hell has he done?’ This is some intel for all of you people. In Love Island, there are private toilets, but the toilets still have cameras in them.
“[Producers] just have to be vigilant to make sure there’s nothing illegal going on in the villa. However, if you did need a moment of intimacy with yourself, the toilet would be… there would be someone seeing you doing what you’re doing!”
Montana added, “There’s just so many rumours. Like, ‘he had a bash in the pool’, ‘he groped Anna’. Really ludicrous assumptions – to be honest I always think the gossip is going to be worse than what actually happened.”
As for the blossoming romance between Tommy and Maura? Both ex-Islanders agreed it wasn’t looking good for Mollie-Mae, predicting Tommy’s decision to recouple with Maura when he gets the chance.
“I think him and Maura would make a good couple,” Marcel comments. “Every single girl that goes onto the show, they all fancy Tommy. It’s crazy. Tommy’s the hunk of the show this year.”
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