Please enable JavaScript to access this page. BONELAB MODS ARE HERE // How to install BONELAB mods on Quest 2

BONELAB MODS ARE HERE // How to install BONELAB mods on Quest 2

BONELAB MODS ARE HERE! Want to know how to install Bonelab mods on Quest 2? This Bonelab mods tutorial will show you just how easy it is to install Bonelab mods on your Quest 2, meaning you’ll be able to play as crazy avatars like Batman, Rick Sanchez, Godzilla, Slenderman and MANY MORE. You can even add some Bonelab Mario Kart tracks or the Skeld from Among Us, Bonelab mods are already crazy and they’ve only been here for a day…

Things you need to get Bonelab mods on Quest 2:

– Quest 2 Headset
– PC
– Quest 2 USB link cable (to connect Quest 2 to PC)
– Mods downloaded from (download the android versions)
– Sidequest to access your Quest 2 files (

It’s finally here. BONELAB IS HERE. The most anticipated VR game ever is out NOW and I have a full Bonelab review right here, so if you want to see some Bonelab Quest 2 gameplay or find out just what the Bonelab content offering is then strap in and get ready to explore this deep dive into POSSIBLY the best VR game of 2022… Bonelab has been at the top of most VR fans most wanted lists for months now, for others who were fans of Stress Level Zero’s previous effort, Boneworks, it’s probably more like years at this point but either way the excitement is off the charts. Bonelab on Quest 2 is easily on of the most technically impressive games on the system, if not THE most technically impressive, with a huge suite of content (a full campaign, 6 different playground/sandbox/challenge modes, full modding support…) and a system for incredible physics based interactions in VR unlike anything we’ve seen before Bonelab is already destined to be an enormous success…

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31 thoughts on “BONELAB MODS ARE HERE // How to install BONELAB mods on Quest 2

  1. Pls help me so If I want to use sidequest then I need the pc oculus application but when I download it it just says cannot connect to oculus service and I think that is happening because of oculus changing to meta

  2. By the way if you have Developer mode and USB debugging enabled you can use a android phone with the app bug jaeger and just plug it into your headset and install CX file explorer to manage files I’ve used this for many games and mods in blade and sorcery since I don’t have a pc I’m gonna try and link a tutorial to this or just make a video myself but yes the completely standalone era is here I even have standalone full body tracking

  3. You don't even need a pc, just get cx file explorer on your oculus and you can get mods without any pc or phone. (You'll need an android to get cx file explorer onto the oculus though. I suggest looking up a tutorial)

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