BMW iX 2022 long-term test

I recently drove the Q8 E-tron, and despite its update, it still wasn’t as refined, comfy, efficient, rangy, luxurious or special feeling as the iX for similar money, which goes to show how much BMW got right. 

BMW’s track record of luxury cars isn’t stellar, with the 7 Series, but in going electric here, it seems to have found a new path. If the first luxury BMW from the EV era is this good, imagine what’s to come. 

Second Opinion

I really enjoyed the iX. Size and a kind of inhibiting grandeur usually hold back my appreciation of really big, heavy, luxurious SUVs, but I make a total exception here on grounds of comfort. It excels at every kind (quietness, soft ride, responsiveness and quality materials) and adds a design modernity that moves it a mile ahead from the i4, whose cabin is much like any other BMW’s. It’s a real stake in the ground, this car. I think of it as BMW’s Range Rover.

Steve Cropley

Prices: List price new £94,825 List price now £102,755 Price as tested £116,965

Options: Technology Plus Pack £5000, Comfort Plus Pack £3900, Sky Lounge Pack £3500, Interior Design Suite I Amido £3250, Visibility Pack £2000, Aventurine Red III metallic paint £1890, Clear and Bold Interior Application £1050, bi-colour Aero alloy wheels £1000, Titan Bronze exterior trim £550

Fuel consumption and range: Claimed range 320 miles Battery capacity 111.5/105.2kWh (total/usable) Test average 2.9mpkWh Test best 3.9mpkWh Test worst 2.4mpkWh Real-world range 305 miles Max charge weight 195kW

Tech highlights: 0-62mph 4.6sec Top speed 124mph Engine Two synchronous motors Max power 516bhp Max torque 564lb ft Transmission 1-spd reduction gear Boot capacity 500 litres Wheels 22in alloy Tyres 275/40 R22, Bridgestone Alenza Kerb weight 2585kg

Service and running costs: Contract hire rate £1193 CO2 0g/km Service costs None Other costs None Electricity costs £1096.55 Running costs inc fuel £1095.55 Cost per mile 12 pence Faults Alarm sensor corroded, driver display fault

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