Autocar product test: What is the best scratch remover?

Autocar says 4.5 stars

TurtleWax Scratch Repair & Renew

Price £7.79

What’s included 207ml

Buy from Amazon

This is a very effective product, eliminating minor scratches and swirls from our paintwork. It didn’t eliminate big scratches completely, but we found a substantial improvement in how visible they were, and on some medium scratches you really had to strain to find the issue. The price of this product is very reasonable, and it’s easy to use. Just apply with a microfibre, rub it gently around the scratches and buff with a clean microfibre. 

Autocar says 4 stars

Liqui Moly Scratch Stop

Price £12.67

What’s included 200ml

Buy from ML Performance

This product can be used on paint, plastic windows and polycarbonate headlamp lenses. However, Liqui Moly warns you to be careful and avoid applying it to chassis joints as it’s very abrasive. To tackle scratches, apply the lilac-coloured cream to the problem areas, smoosh in using a circular motion, work it in gently for two minutes, then buff it off with a clean cloth. It helped to reduce the visibility of larger scratches, although didn’t remove them completely, and worked well on smaller scratches.

Autocar says 4 stars

AutoGlym Super Resin Polish

Price £12.29

What’s included 325ml

Buy from Amazon

We applied AutoGlym’s Super Resin Polish with the recommended Perfect Polish Applicator foam pad. As a contoured pad, this helped get into the more intricate areas of bodywork. To use, apply it to paintwork, rub it in gently with a circular motion and finish with a final straight-line swipe to remove residue. If you want to mask small scratches, improve colour clarity or achieve a smooth finish, this is a great all-round product most people already have a bottle of. However, it doesn’t work particularly well on larger, deeper scratches.  

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