2025 Jaguar EV to be £100,000 four-door GT with 430-mile range

“We’re creating an entirely new brand, new business models and new competencies, with every part of the client journey reimagined,” said Hoornik. “The way cars are bought [and] are serviced, this is all being done from the ground up, including online and offline journeys.”

This ground-up reinvention includes dealers and Hoornik said Jaguars “would not be available everywhere”, confirming reports that the firm is going to reduce the number of dealers selling its cars.

“But equally, there will be a range of three other brands [Range Rover, Discovery and Defender], all electric and with dedicated areas,” he added, a reference to the fact the Land Rover brand would be taking a back seat, with Range Rover, Discovery and Defender becoming model ranges in their own right alongside Jaguar in a four-strong line-up of JLR brands.

Commenting on the relaunch of Jaguar, new JLR CEO Adrian Mardell said: “Jaguar will not disappoint. It will begin to put right unfinished business.”

He said it wasn’t a “last chance” for the brand and that “this cat was going to purr”. “There are no such things,” he said on whether it was a last chance. “We create chances by what we deliver. I believe this brand will be here in 50 years.”

McGovern doesn’t believe the new brand positioning for Jaguar will alienate existing customers, although he admitted there will always be those resistant to change.

“Things have to move on, and we’re going to create such a compelling proposition that if there’s red blood in their body…” said McGovern on whether this new Jaguar would appeal to existing customers.

“EV is a propulsion method, as is ICE. EV can be as compelling as long as you have everything else with it. It’s like with watches: when a new one comes out, you still prefer the old one, but over time you see what it’s about and you change your mind.

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